In UpFront the fans also matter – like in the real world!

The Game features a few characters which you can help to change their attitudes. Meet these fans below, and play the game to help them out.

Fan Bios – Overcoming Negative Attitudes


1. John is a happily married man with two children. At work he is an ordinary, polite businessman respectful to all, regardless of their race. However on the terraces, he becomes a different person!
It’s just football isn’t it?! It’s just a bit of banter…anything to wind up the opposition!
Make John realise that what he is saying isn’t right – racism has no place in football! Collect the golden football and change his behaviour for good!



2. Roberta is very popular girl with lots of friends; someone you would consider to be a nice person. However if Roberta doesn’t like something, she’ll say that it’s ‘gay’; that footballer is ‘gay’, that pass is ‘gay’. Roberta doesn’t understand that by calling something ‘gay’ she is being homophobic. Gabby, who is a lesbian and sits behind her in the stadium finds it upsetting. Show Roberta the error of her ways and highlight her ignorance.



3. Luca thinks football is a man’s game. He doesn’t think women should or can play football and he calls all women that do play football ‘dykes’. Luca’s attitude is very upsetting for his daughter Marie, who loves football and is the first girl to play for her school team – though she hasn’t told her dad yet. Stand up for Marie and battle through her dad’s negativity and stereotyping.


4. Recently, a new group of fans began sitting next to them in the stadium. The group is always picking on people who are different from them. They sing songs and hold up banners with insults to the other fans and players. The group seem to be having fun, and Diana and her friends have started to join in! They wouldn’t sing these songs on the street of course, but here it’s just a bit of a laugh! Show Diana and her friends that they can stand up to this behaviour in football!


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